Herbalism Sprouts on Kickstarter Next Week!

Deepwater Games is launching their maiden Kickstarter next Tuesday the 30th and giving North
American gamers their first chance to own the EmperorS4 hit, Herbalism!

Herbalism is a logic and deduction game for 3-4 players. A pandemic is spreading throughout the country and players take on the role as novice pharmacists, hoping to find the cure to the disease! Using various actions players will exchange information to find out the combination of ingredients needed to cure the pandemic.

Deepwater Games CEO, Nolan Nasser said, “A ton of work has gone into the translation and redesign of Herbalism to bring it to the North American market in the best possible package. I’m proud of how Herbalism looks and plays. I think gamers are going to love it!”

The Kickstarter will be offering a variety of rewards with the base game priced at $20 with free shipping in the USA. Other rewards offered include a $70 bundle that gets you ALL FOUR of Deepwater Games’ launch titles, including Herbalism, Shadows in Kyoto, Hanzi, and Crows Overkill.

Stretch goals are already lined up and ready to go, including a custom game mat designed by Nolan Nasser himself with art from Herbalism artist, Stephen Tsai.

“Partnering with EmperorS4 to bring their impressive lineup of games to the North American audience has enabled us to hit the ground running as a company. Taking our first title, Herbalism, to Kickstarter just made sense,” says Deepwater founder, Travis McIntire. “We wanted to be able to put games directly into player’s hands as quickly as possible and a Kickstarter campaign is the best tool available for us to do that with an estimated delivery of base rewards by the beginning of March 2018!”

The Kickstarter for Herbalism launches on Tuesday, January 30th! Can you outsmart your friends and claim the ancient title of “God-Farmer?”

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