Plan B Games, managed by Andrea Ahlers, acquired German publisher EGGERTSPIELE last summer and has now announced their new logo. EGGERTSPIELE is their publisher title for medium to heavy complexity Euro games. Their current catalog includes great games like Great Western Trail, Mombasa, Camel Up, Rococo, and Village.

Plan B Games states, “Beginning with our next new title, EGGERTSPIELE will be partnering with colleagues at Plan B Games to create amazing art and intuitive graphic design to match the deep, innovative titles we are developing. To demonstrate our excitement of this new partnership, we have evolved our beloved mascot Jeffrey into a smashing contemporary logo. Fans will grow to acknowledge that the EGGERTSPIELE logo will serve as a seal of approval of a truly exceptional strategy game.”

Jess: I have to agree, I like the new, foxy design for Jeffery. Looking slick EGGERTSPIELE!

Featured Image Credit: EGGERTSPIELE

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