Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 1/26/18

Jess: Oh man, I am so glad its Friday! Let’s kick it off right with some exciting Kickstarters!

1. Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Shadowvale

We are huge fans of Valeria: Card Kingdoms. It’s a fantastic city building game that adds an element of adventure  by having your citizens hunt down monsters. In the Shadowvale expansion you’re getting all new, horror-themed Citizens, Monsters, Domains, and Dukes.

As a special incentive, the Kickstarter campaign includes the Expansion Pack #6: RELICS which will not be sold in stores. Relics add a new mechanic where players will each start with a different power that will help them during the game.

The  Shadowvale expansion is a great way to add more value to your Valeria: Card Kingdoms set and if you don’t have room for the expansion in your current box, no worries! The campaign is offering a big box add-on that will fit everything!

Check out Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Shadowvale on Kickstarter here.

2. Gentes – Deluxified™ Edition

Need to build more than just a city? How about an entire civilization? In Gentes you will need to grow your civilization by using time. Every action will indicate how many hourglass tokens it requires.

You’ll add the action plus the hourglass tokens to your timeline. When your timeline is full you can remove the actions and 1 hourglass token. Anything that is leftover stays there, clogging up your timeline and limiting how many actions you’ll be able to accomplish in later rounds.

This looks like a neat mechanic and the game itself is really unique looking with art that looks straight off an ancient scroll. The deluxified edition comes with a foil stamped box, 6 over-sized and 24 normal-sized silk-screened meeples, metal coins, an updated board, wooden tokens, and more. We’ve picked up other deluxified TMG games and the upgrades are always really high quality.

Take a look at Gentes Deluxified on Kickstarter here!

3. Hermetica

Hermetica is an interesting strategy travel game. In it two players will advance on each other trying to get to the opposite side of the board to win. The game is played on a mat and uses a modular set up for the battlefield to give you a different feel each time you play.

Players will have 3 actions a turn to move their pieces and spawn units. Where it gets really interesting is the pieces themselves. Each one has a certain way it can move (sort of like chess) and has powers it can enact. For example Earth can move up to three times in any direction and when it runs into a unit that piece is pushed in the direction that Earth was moving whereas Water can move in a straight line in any direction, but must continue moving until it collides with something.

Its abstract, full of strategy, and looks like a great game to pack when travelling as it can roll up and fit in your bag or suitcase.

Check out Hermetica on Kickstarter here.

4. The Scarlet Pimpernel: Signature Edition

Brian Kelley’s The Scarlet Pimpernel sets you in the boots of a trusted ally of Sir Percy Blakeney, the Scarlet Pimpernel himself. You’ll aid him on missions to rescue innocent people from the guillotine and eventually save the heir to the french throne.

As you rack up accomplished missions, you’ll earn yourself some favor tiles which can give you tidy bonuses, but alas, your opponents may steal those favors away. Whoever earn the most points by the end of the game becomes the Scarlet Pimpernel’s most trusted adviser and wins.

The Scarlet Pimpernel  is a really pretty game and Eagle-Gryphon Games is only printing 2500 of the signature edition. This version has really deluxe components like nicer meeples, thicker favor tiles and dual-layered favor boards with inset areas for the tiles to fit into, a cloth bag, and a signed and numbered sticker. If you are not just a player, but also a collector of games, the signature edition is a must-have.

Take a gander at the The Scarlet Pimpernel: Signature Edition here on Kickstarter.

5. Nemesis Board Game

Nemesis is a semi-cooperative sci-fi horror game. Each player is a unique character with their own special abilities and goals. Throughout the game you’ll be trying to complete objectives while trying to avoid noise that will draw the dangerous intruders to your location.

If you do run into one of the monstrous intruders any number of bad things can happen, including mutating into one yourself! The game reminds me a lot of Dead of Winter in space and considering I love that game, I can get pretty excited about Nemesis. The minis look really fantastic and there are plenty of cool extras like terrain minis, the art book, a fifth player expansion, and more.

Learn more about Nemesis on Kickstarter here.

Which Kickstarters will you be backing this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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