Oh Look, You’ve Got Crabs!

From the creators of The Oatmeal and Exploding Kittens, comes a brand new, nautically-themed card game: You’ve Got Crabs!

The game is simple. Players will split into teams of two and covertly decide on a secret signal, like tapping your fingers on the table or rolling your eyes a lot. As you play you’ll add cards to your hand, looking to get 4 of a kind. If you manage to do this, you send your partner the secret signal. If your partner sees your signal and yells “You’ve got crabs!,” you GAIN a point, but if an opponent catches on and  yells  “You’ve got crabs!,” before your teammate can,  you LOSE a point. Whichever team catches the most crabs (points), wins.

This endeavor can be made more complicated with the Imitation Crab Expansion which gives you two wearable crab claws to wear. If you get the “Imitation Crab” card, you have to wear the claws. I kid you not. I can’t make this stuff up.

To fund the game the designers are not going to Kickstarter. Instead they have printed a limited stock of the first edition of You’ve Got Crabs. This is the only time they will be printing the first edition. After the first edition sells out, they’ll be accepting pre-orders. First editions will ship in a few days. Pre-orders are expected to ship in a few months and will contain the second edition versions of the game. You can order now and support the silly, crab-filled game by heading on over to: youvegotcrabs.com/store

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