USAopoly Unveils New Party Game: Privacy

USAopoly Inc. is showing off , their new adult party game at NY Toy Fair this week! Designed by Reinhard Staupe, Privacy is all about learning your friend’s darkest secrets. The game will ask questions like “Do you have a safe word” or “Have you ever bought something illegal” and players will need to try to guess the party’s anonymous answers to gain points.

USAopoly says: “For today’s connected adult who scrolls daily through their social networks, the newest (and funnest!) way to learn everything about their friends is now in the cards. Privacy offers a hilarious and unconventional means of both breaking the ice and testing the closeness of confidants through questions that leave no line uncrossed… Correctly guessing the party’s anonymous answers gains each person points—and a whole new understanding of their friends! A larger group may mean safety in numbers within the ballot box, but no one is safe from raucous laughter and inevitable finger pointing.”

Privacy is targeted at the 18-35 year old crowd (as it contains mature content) and will retail for $24.95 when it hits shelves this spring.

Jess: I haven’t played the game yet, but I doubt I will want to. The more I see of games like these, the less interested I am in them. For me, many “adult party games” seem to prey on negative feelings. Wanting to embarrass others and the  ” inevitable finger pointing”, as USAopoly states, just isn’t for me. That’s not to say big groups might not like the game. I know there are many people who either enjoy that kind of gameplay or trust each other enough that these sorts of reveals will not end in mean-spirited laughter, but understanding. I just won’t be rushing to buy Privacy myself.



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