Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 2/23/18

Friday is a fun time here at Gameosity HQ, because I can share with you all of the exciting Kickstarters that I’ve been staring at all week! Are you ready for some cool games? Let’s get started then!

1. Button Shy Wallet Games: Stew & Arcane Bakery Clash

I’ve been a Buttonshy patron for a while now (if you love small games and haven’t backed their Patreon check it out here). That means that I have a bunch of their wallet games. I can safely say that there is love and passion that goes into the quality of the products Buttonshy produces. Each game is a perfect little bite sized experience that you can take anywhere.
Jason Glover’s Stew is a push-you-luck game about farmers gathering ingredients to make a winter stew. Players will take turns drawing a card from the ingredients pile and then decide if the ingredient goes into the stew or gets fed to wild animals. Whenever a farmer thinks the stewpot has enough ingredients, they can yell “Stew!” If the pot of cards  is equal to, or greater than 12, the player that called STEW gains 2 points. If not then that all of the other players gain a point.

Arcane Bakery Clash, by Robin Gibson, is a magical duel between frustrated bakers. The object of the game is to reduce your opponents health to zero by baking racing to bake delicious delights. Players will get recipe cards which they can play face-down with a coin covering one of the numbers on the back. On the front of the card are actions they can take and numbers that coincide with those actions. You can take actions to move the coin and when you think it is covering the number of an action, you can reveal the card. If you are right you can take the action, if not you take 1 damage.

I trust Buttonshy’s curation abilities, so I’m betting both games are pretty fun. These will probably make a great addition to the wallet game collection and the campaign give you a chance to invest in a collectors box to hold all of your favorite Buttonshy games. Check out the Stew & Arcane Bakery Clash Kickstarter here!

2. City of Gears

Grey Fox Games’s City of Gears is an engine building/area control game where players compete to discover and develop a lost steampunk city.  You’ll gain prestige from

City of Gears has a clever mechanic where, on their turn, players roll dice to gain resources of Gears, Steam and Charges. These resources have multiple uses such as the gears, which can be socketed into the city board to give you control over sections of the city or on your player board to gain technology powers that will aid you throughout the game. Once all the sections of the board are uncovered, the player with the most prestige wins.

I love a good city building game and this gives the genre a little twist that I haven’t seen before. I’m really looking forward to having a chance to check this game out. Explore the City of Gears Kickstarter here!

3. Robin Hood and the Merry Men

I love art by Mihajlo Dimitrievski (The Mico). He’s got a very unique and vibrant style and whenever I see it on a game, I want to know what that game is about. This time he is the artist behind Final Frontier Games’s Robin Hood and the Merry Men, a semi cooperative, euro style game with worker placement, hand management, set collection and dice rolling. That’s a lot of my favorite mechanics!

In Robin Hood and the Merry Men, your goal is to protect the town of Nottingham from Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham by building traps and barricades. You’ll be robbing the rich in classic Robin Hood style to gather resources to build those traps and such, but beware, if you press-you-luck too much in thievery, you’l get caught and tossed in the dungeons. If you manage to hold off the dastardly prince and his sherrif for 5 rounds, the player with the most VP wins!

Take a look at the Robin Hood and the Merry Men Kickstarter here!

4. Kami-sama

Kami-sama looks to be a beautifully illustrated blend of asymmetrical player powers, area control, set collection, pattern building, and card drafting with a rotating board.

As Kami (spirits) players will need to build influence with the people of the land while still maintaining their connection to nature. As you make the people happy they will build shrines in your honor and the Kami who has the longest chain of shrines in a village controls it. Villages provide you with abilities and victory points. After three rounds the player with the most victory points is crowned the the Chief Deity of the land.

The idea of a rotating board sounds fun and I love the theme. If you are curious it, check out Kami-sama by Kolossal Games on Kickstarter here!


Sometimes it’s hard to come up with flavor text for your adventures while running roleplaying games. Incognito Solutions has designed custom dice to help flesh out your descriptions and making running games easier.

Each box comes with 8 dice with different themes: Ancient Ruin, Dark Cavern, Deep Dungeon, King’s Castle, Lord’s Manor, Priest’s Temple, Rowdy Tavern, and Wizard’s Tower. Either while prepping before play or during the game, you will roll any combination of dice and populate the scene by describing the results of your roll. You can buy multiple sets to get more options in a single roll.

I like the etched designs and I can see how dice like these could go beyond just describing scenes. You might have your players roll to gain random items or perhaps create a mini-game within the campaign. Who knows? These fun little dice can be the basis of whatever you can imagine. Take a look at Dungeon Dressing Dice on Kickstarter here!

Which Kickstarters are you throwing your wallet at this week? What makes them special? Let us know in the comments below!

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