Bézier Games Heads To The Rocky Mountains In New Expansion

Bézier Games has announced an upcoming expansion for their 2017 release Whistle Stop:
Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains.

Scott Caputo’s Whistle Stop tasks players with building train routes along the transcontinental railroad. The Rocky Mountains Expansion adds a 3D mountain range to the game. These mountains provide a barrier that will challenge your West Coast aspirations, but can also provide lucrative rewards for those willing to cross them.



In addition to the mountain range expansion board, this expansion contains 5 new End tiles, 4 new Special tiles, 2 additional train route tiles, 2 new variable common resources tiles, 2 new town tiles, 4 new six-point gold nugget tokens, 4 new whistle stop tiles, 2 new gold nugget tiles, 9 new upgrades, and 6 new shares.

The Whistle Stop Rocky Mountains Expansion will ship in August 2018, and is currently available for preorder on Bézier Games’ website.

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