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Chronicles of Crime Kickstarter Preview

Chronicles of Crime
Cooperative, Mystery
Lucky Duck Games
David Cicurel
Matijos Gebreselassie, Mateusz Komada, Katarzyna Kosobucka
Police dramas, Holding their phones up to their faces

Chronicles of Crime, up on Kickstarter from Lucky Duck Games, is a digitally-augmented game that looks to bring the feel of a gritty police procedural to your gaming table.  With an app that features contextual information and short VR segments for crime scene investigation, Chronicles of Crime has a really neat core premise.  But does it hold up?  Check out our Kickstarter preview and find out!

**Kickstarter Prototype Alert – Components Not Final!**

(Gameosity received a prototype of this game for preview, with the option of requesting a finished version.  We were not otherwise compensated.)

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