Pantone Game to preview at GAMA

Cryptozoic Entertainment announced today that it will preview its new party game PantoneTM: The Game at the GAMA Trade Show, March 12-16 at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada.

Art Not Final (the irony is not lost on us)

The competitive party game for 2-20 players challenges you to identify pop culture characters by “abstract arrangements of colors, inspired by Pantone™”. The game was designed by Scott Rogers (Rayguns and Rocketships, the God of War video game series) and will be released later this year.

PantoneTM: The Game embodies the idea that a picture speaks a thousand words,” said Adam Sblendorio, Vice President of Creative at Cryptozoic. “By reducing characters to simple representations, the game captures the child-like feeling of wonder and accomplishment that comes from visual recognition, being able to identify someone or something with just a look. We feel that the game will appeal to a really wide audience.”

Jess: In PantoneTM: The Game, players will attempt to represent a character using only color Swatch Cards and other players must try to guess their identity. This strikes me as the kind of game someone invented while stuck on the paint-mixing line at Home Depo. I’ll be interested to see how it actually plays.

PantoneTM: The Game can be played at Cryptozoic’s booth #325 at the GAMA Trade Show, with the second-half 2018 release date to be announced soon. Learn more at

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