Where is My Wallet?!? Samurai Jack is Getting a Board Game!

Jess: Samurai Jack is one of my favorite cartoons. The unique graphical style combined with fantastic storytelling just blew my mind when it first came out on Cartoon Network.  Now USAopoly has announced that it will be releasing  Samurai Jack: Back to the Past under its’ Project Raygun imprint!

Take it! Take it all!

Samurai Jack: Back to the Past is based on the fifth and final season of the animated series and will have you sending  Jack and his friends back to the era before the the demon Aku took control.

2-5 players will fight villains at various locations from the series and earn honor. The game comes with some awesome custom sculpted figures for Jack, Aku, Ashi, and more. USAopoly is showing offSamurai Jack: Back to the Past at the GAMA Trade Show this week with a full release planned for this summer. MSRP will be $34.95.

Jess: Now if I could only time travel…

Image credits: USAopoly



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