Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 3/16/18

Welp it’s Friday again. That means the weekend is almost here! Let’s get the fun started early by diving into my list of 5 Kickstarters of the week!

1. Architects of the West Kingdom

Architects of the West Kingdom is the first game in a new trilogy by the same people who did the North Sea Trilogy (a series of games we really like here at Gameosity).

Architects of the West Kingdom is a worker placement game for 1-5 players where you are trying to collect materials, hire workers, help construct the cathedral, and build various landmarks within the kingdom. This is easier said than done as all the architects can try to disrupt each other as well through the use of thieves and black marketeers.

One of my favorite mechanics is multiple paths to victory, so Architects of the West Kingdom is appealing and I just can’t resist Mihajlo Dimitrievski’s artwork. Take a look at  Architects of the West Kingdom on Kickstarter here!

2. Pacific Rim: Extinction

River Horse Games is venturing once again into cinematic fun with their newest game to hit Kickstarter: Pacific Rim: Extinction. This scenario-driven, miniatures game places the players in the cockpits of the Jagers or lets them wreak havoc has the monstrous Kaiju. The Jagers and the Kaiju have different objectives throughout the game and whoever meets their first wins.

The game comes with huge 75mm minatures that look fantastic and 3D skyscrapers to help bring the city to life. If you want to expand your teams, you can also purchase additional expansions that get you Jagers like Gypsy Avenger or Bracer Phoenix and Kaiju like Hakuja.  Check out Pacific Rim: Extinction here.

3. Tabletop Network – Boardgame Designer’s Retreat

Ok this one isn’t a board game. Instead we have here a new board game conference for tabletop designers. Tabletop Network will be an annual event where creators can gather together for presentations hosted by some of the industry’s top designers and have a space to collaborate and share knowledge.

So far, this years conference has a really great lineup of speakers including Rob Daviau, Ryan Laukat, Kathleen Mercury, and Tom Lehmann. Tabletop Network will be held Friday, June 8th – 9th at Snowbird mountain resort near Salt Lake City, Utah. Resort lodging will be available to conference attendees at the world-renowned Cliff Lodge at the discounted rate of $129 per night.

If you have any interest in creating your own game or learning more about the industry, this looks like a fantastic event to participate in. Learn more on the Tabletop Network Kickstarter campaign here.

4. Outfoxed! the Card Game

I’m always tickled by Joshua Mason’s games. His newest game, Outfoxed!, is an asymmetrical, 2 player game of Foxes vs Birds. The foxes are looking to eat all the birds and the birds are looking to surround the foxes.

The game takes about a minute to learn and looks like it has more depth of strategy than would first appear. As with all of the Quirky Co. games, Outfoxed! is pocket sized, making it easy to bring it along wherever you go. If you are interested in Joshua’s other games, you can pick them up via the Kickstarter as well. Check out Outfoxed! on Kickstater here.

5. Good Dog, Bad Zombie: A Cooperative Board Game

Bark Bark Woof Borf? Woof woof growl bark!

Ok for all you non-dogs, Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a cooperative game where brave dogs seek to save their human’s from the zombie apocalypse.

As doggos, players must search the city for humans by sniffing out scent tokens and then playing energy cards to lead your humans home. I’m dying over these card names: “RUFF RUFF BARK GRR-RUFF RUFF!!!” and “Hooman in danger! HOOMAN IN DANGER!!”. If you fail to bring a human safely home due to the ever problematic zombie presence, your pack becomes a little more feral. If you ever go full-feral, your pack runs wild and everyone loses.

The game looks very thematic and perfect for any gamer who loves puppers and zombies. Bark up a copy of Good Dog, Bad Zombie on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters have stood out to you this week? Which should I cover next? Let me know in the comments below!

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