Terra Mystica Fire & Ice Expansion Coming to All Platforms Soon!

Terra Mystica digital is getting a new add-on from Digidiced called Fire & Ice. Coming April 5th to all platforms, the expansion will add 6 new races, 2 new maps, and added challenges to Terra Mystica.

According to Digidiced:

The competition gets even tougher as mysterious Yetis, cold hearted Ice Maidens, travelling Riverwalkers, adaptable Shapeshifters, devoted Acolytes and powerful Dragonlords shape the lands to their will. These all new factions bring deep tactical options and new strategies to the digital table. Vulcanos and Ice will also let you reshape the face of the world!

Terra Mystica Fire & Ice releases on all platforms on April 5, 2018. For more information visit www.digidiced.com or follow Digidiced on Facebook at www.facebook.com/digidiced or Twitter @digidiced. You can get theTerra Mystica base game on iOS, Google Play, Windows Store, and Steam.

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