Wyrmwood Releases Video on the Prophecy Gaming Table

Wyrmwood has been creating artisan gaming supplies since 2012 and last year they introduced their premier gaming table: The Wyrmwood Prophecy at Gen Con. Earlier this week they released a video by Jason MacDonald (Head of Design & Development) that speaks on the process of creating the table from its first iteration to the current product.

The table seats up to 12 and has a two sided playing surface, an internal mechanical lift that adjusts the table’s depth, and a dual rail magnetic game accessory system. Your table is made in your choice of woods including Cherry, Black Walnut, Rosewood and more and it can be customized with a personalized inlay such as a company logo, family crest, etc…

This a truly gorgeous table that carries the Wyrmwood quality and attention to detail. While it will cost you a pretty penny, the heirloom nature of the table suggests it will serve you for generations of gamers.

You can learn more and order your own at wyrmwoodgaming.com/prophecy-2

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