Tsuro and Roll for It! Get a Rainbowtastic Update

In anticipation of this year’s International Tabletop Day, Thunderbox has created colorful new content for theTsuro and Roll for It! apps.

This is this first major update for Roll for It! and includes two new geeky sets of dice: Fuzzy Monsters and Cosmic Cubes. Thunderbox has also added a free set of color-blind friendly dice to make the app more accessible and added their most requested upgrade: an UNDO button!

In the update, rainbows have come to Tsuro. Now you’ll be able to play with the rainbow stones that were released in the November issue of Game Trade Magazine; making your game a whole lot more colorful!

During the weekend of International Tabletop Day (April 27-30) both games will be 50% OFF and a portion of all sale proceeds will be donated to #ITTD2018’s cause, Charity: Water, who help bring clean water to people in need around the globe! If you are an iOS player you can pick up both games in the the new Calliope Double Pack on the App Store.

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