Celebrate Trees with a New Edition of Arboretum!

Today is National Arbor Day and in celebration of trees everywhere, Renegade Game Studios has announced a new edition of Dan Cassar’s Arboretum!

Arboretum is a set collection/ tile-laying card game where players try to create the most beautiful garden path. The game has a great deal of strategy and surprised our reviewers with the complexity of choices it offers:

“Now I’m totally a sucker for bizarre themes, but even I didn’t expect a competitive card game about trees like Arboretum to win me over like it has.” Rob Rich

This edition includes gorgeous, new art from Beth Sobel and will be available this fall. There are a few updates including changes to types of trees that will make the game are more color-blind friendly. The MSRP will be $20. For more information about Arboretum visit www.renegadegames.com.

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