Cuteness Overload: My Little Scythe Hits Pre-Orders!

 I am a big fan of Stonemaier Games’s Scythe and cute critters, so when Andrew pointed me in the direction of My Little Scythe, designed by Hoby Chou I just about keeled over. No, I’m lying. I totally keeled over from the cuteness.

My Little Scythe is an adorable re-imagining of the competitive area-control game Scythe, with a family-friendly twist. In My Little Scythe players control 2 animal miniatures as they adventure in the Kingdom of Pomme. The first player to earn 4 trophies out of the 8 possible categories, wins the game. You can earn trophies by making friends, completing quests, delivering supplies to Castle Everfree, and battling it out in pie fights.

Originally a fan-created print-and-play game, My Little Scythe has been picked up by Stonemaier Games and is now available for pre-order. When released you can pay for standard shipping or get free pickup at GenCon in the MeepleSource/Stonemaier booth.

For more info and to place your pre-order head to or

Image credits: Stonemaier Games, Conan O’ Brien

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