X-Wing Second Edition Flying in Later This Year!

Exciting news for Star Wars fans: Fantasy Flight Games has announced X-Wing™ Second Edition!

This update to the popular game will include smoother gameplay, more focus on the movement of the ships, and heightened faction identities. Each faction will get more unique tactics and strategies; giving players more depth to the game.

Luke Skywalker has a Force capacity of two.

Second edition also allows players to “use the Force,” which affects your choices and how you fly your ships. The force will give you charges which can be spent in a variety of ways including improving a pilot’s aim, helping them dodge enemy attacks, or being paired with upgrade cards.

Fantasy Flight is also releasing a new X-Wing Squad-Builder companion app. Players will be able to use the app to manage their collections and adjust point costs for ships and upgrades and upgrade slots available to ships for events and  tournaments.

The X-Wing Second Edition Core Set, a wave of expansions, and Conversion Kits will be
available in Q3 of 2018.

Image credits: Fantasy Flight, Lucasfilms

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