Z-Man Games Picks Up Love Letter

Z-Man Games has announced their acquisition of the popular Love Letter game series from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)!

They will not only be distributing the remaining inventory, but also putting out a reprint of the English version of the game and the premium edition.

“We are thrilled to have Love Letter join Z-Man’s diverse catalog,” says Steve Kimball, Head of Studio at Z-Man Games. “This gem of a card game packs a lot of fun in a tiny box (or velvet bag) and fits perfectly with the many other acclaimed card games that have been a hallmark of the Z-Man brand. I’m excited to work closely with Seiji Kanai to help reach new audiences and realize its full potential.”

Seiji Kanai’s Love Letter and Lovecraft Letter both use the hidden role mechanic to provide an devious social deduction experience. In Love Letter you are trying to win the heart of the Princess while knocking her other suitors out of the game. Lovecraft Letter, a horror based version of Love Letter, adds special “insanity” powers to the mix.

Love Letter and Lovecraft Letter have been a pure joy to develop and share with our customers,” says John Zinser, CEO of Alderac Entertainment Group. “We would like to thank Seiji Kanai and our partners at Japon Brand for entrusting us with the smallest but most valuable of treasures. Our friends at Asmodee have the capability to take Love Letter and Lovecraft Letter to even greater heights and we are excited to watch the games make this transition. We are sure that everyone who has sought the favor of the Princess will be delighted with Asmodee’s stewardship of these great games.”

Jess: The love Letter series of games are fantastic and some of the few social deduction games that I can get Andrew to play. To learn more about this exciting news check out Zmangames.com.

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