Portal Opens Pre-Orders for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

Portal has opened up pre-orders for their new cooperative, deduction game Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.

According to Portal, the 1-5 player game is fully immersive and though it is rules-light, a session can last up to 3 or more hours; making me think of this game as more of a roleplaying experience.

Players are part of the Antares National Investigation Agency members and will investigate cases as part of a larger campaign. Cases are guided by a deck or cards and at the end of each case, you’ll need to answer questions to gain victory points.

As the game is co-op, players share the resources they need to resolve actions and must choose their actions wisely as they have a limited amount of time to solve each case.

Portal will be revealing unique pre-order bonuses each week and there will only be only 1,000 pre-order copies, so if Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game sounds like your jam you should grab a copy now! You can learn more on the official pre-order website: detectiveboardgame.com

Image Credits: Portal Games

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