North Star Games to Launch Warsaw: City of Ruins this Summer

Warsaw: City of Ruins is coming to stores this summer. The game, which was originally published as Capital by Granna, is a 2-4 player tile placement game where everyone is trying to rebuild Warsaw from the 16th century through modern times.

Northstar Games will be introducing Warsaw: City of Ruins at this year’s Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio.

“This game has amazingly ‘flown-under-the-radar’ of some of Europe’s bigger brand-name board games” states Dominic Crapuchettes Founder and Co-President of North Star games. “But it’s a fantastic game, and has received early praise from the Dice Tower & Rahdo Runs Through. We’re excited to make the game available in the U.S. this summer!”

Warsaw: City of Ruins will be available in stores this August, at a retail price of $49.99. However, a limited supply of games will be available for pick-up at Origins. For anyone interested in reserving a copy, Warsaw: City of Ruins may be pre-ordered at North Star Games website:

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