Look Out Wallets, Giant Azul is Here!

To begin this eulogy for my finances, I’d like to announce that Next Move Games is celebrating their Spiel des Jahres nomination for Azul by releasing their coveted Azul Giant Edition!

According to Next Move:

“The giant edition components have been enlarged by 200% providing players a unique play experience. To compliment the larger size, the original player boards have been replaced with neoprene mats with more vibrant colours than original game boards. Lastly, a special edition game like this requires an amazing storage solution. Azul Giant Edition is transported and stored in a custom designed suitcase patterned after the Azul box art and includes removable tray inserts.”

The giant edition is available for pre-order and if 500 people order it then Next move will activate the print run. You can pre-order your copy at: nextmovegames.com/en/home/66-azul.html
Jess: I’m going to miss you Money.


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