Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/25/18

I never get tired of seeing all the awesome ideas that people come up with for Kickstarter projects. Between new and exciting themes, reinterpretations of awesome games, and crazy promo videos, these campaigns keep me coming back for more. What Kickstarters stood out this week? Check out the list below to find out!

Herbaceous Sprouts

I played a prototype of Herbaceous Sprouts at PAX Unplugged and had a blast. Sprouts is based off of Dr. Finns previous card game Herbaceous, but this time around we’re using dice!

The goal of the game is to become the master gardener. Each turn, the lead player will set out tool cards and then draws enough dice from the bag to fill the cards. That player will roll the dice and then select where to place them; creating sets the other players will choose from. Both the dice and the cards give players different powers, so keeping in mind how they combo together can provide some real strategic planning. The sets you build let you plant in the communal garden which will net you points. The player with the most points in the end wins and is named Master Gardener!

Herbaceous Sprouts gives us more Herbaceousy fun with custom dice and I am all for it! Go check out the Herbaceous Sprouts Kickstarter campaign here!


Assembly is a 1-2 player puzzle akin to something like an escape room game in card form. The idea is you are an engineer on a space station that builds spaceships. Due to some unfortunate circumstances (a virus killing all of your co-workers) the stations artificial intelligence has decided to lock down the station to prevent the virus from spreading. To keep from being entombed within the station forever, you must assemble a ship and escape, but the A.I. will try to thwart you at every turn.

While I’m not a fan of the art design, the puzzle aspect of the game sounds fun, and it’s nice that the game is small so you can bring it with you when travelling. I’m looking forward to having a chance to check this one out. You can learn more about Assembly on the Kickstarter page here.

New Corp Order

This 1-4 player game combines hand management, area control and set collection to create a competition between companies to increase brand awareness by manipulating the media. You’ll send your agents to infiltrate the 4 media conglomerates, hire consultants to further your goals, and eventually gain control. The player with the most points, earned by shares in conglomerates, wins!

New Corp Order is part of the dystopian world that Peak Oil occurs in and gives us a peek (ha ha) into a near-future that is a bit bleak, but the retro art design is wonderful and gameplay looks like it will be a lot of fun. Take a look at New Corp Order on Kickstarter here.

Itchy Monkey: a Battle of Lice

This game makes me itchy just thinking about it. Yes this is totally a game about lice. Gross… yet intriguing.

To win the game you must have  a colony of 3 worker lice on either 5 different species of monkeys, 4 of the same, or 3 gorillas. You’ll accomplish this by moving monkeys around the board, bumping into other monkeys and spreading your lice, and picking lice off of monkeys who are overrun by lice.

The game may have a weird theme, but in the end it is a solid-looking abstract. It comes with a double-sided board and each monkey has different powers so you have lots of opportunity to discover different strategies. Now if you are really not cool with the idea of lice, just think of the dots as happy thoughts the monkeys are sharing… and picking off each other…and probably eating… Anyhoo… Visit the Itchy Monkey Kickstarter here!

Panic Mode!

Ok, we’ve all been there. Stuff goes wrong at work and you somehow have to fix it before time runs out. Panic Mode! is instantly relatable and I might just have some work-related stress dreams after playing it. The basic idea is that your company mainframe has crashed and everyone is cooperating to try to fix the disaster, but sometimes you can’t help but make it worse.

Ever turn you must choose 1 of 2 cards from you hand to play. These cards will either help or hinder, but the game is timed so you have to act fast! If as a group you can raise the 3 trackers (Mainframe, Morale, and Customer Satisfaction) into their safe zones before time runs out, you all win! Panic Mode! sounds frantic and fun and the art looks fantastic. Check it out now on Kickstarter here!

I’m sure there are Kickstarters you’ve seen that you think I should feature. Let me know in the comments below or on twitter which ones I missed and which you’re backing!



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