Vast: The Mysterious Manor Launches on Kickstarter

Leder Games has launched Vast: The Mysterious Manor, the highly anticipated standalone sequel to The Crystal Caverns, on Kickstarter today!

Patrick Leder has established himself as a leader (haha) in asymmetric adventure game design. This latest installment in the Vast series has you and your friends exploring a haunted house. Using a modular board, unique player roles, and scenarios that allow you to use content from The Crystal Caverns, Mysterious Manor allows you to continue to enjoy the world of Vast in a whole new way.

Cole Wehrle, developer of Mysterious Manor explains, “The Mysterious Manor raises the bar for asymmetric gameplay. Vast has never been more delightfully competitive or more accessible for new players!”

Jess: Considering the steep learning curve that comes with playing Crystal Caverns, I am pleased to see posted on the Kickstarter that Mysterious Manor incorporates the lessons learned while developing Crystal Caverns and Leder’s other upcoming title, Root (a title which I found infinity easier to learn and enjoy). Here’s hoping Mysterious Manor makes it easier for new players to pick it up and is as good as I think it will be. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here from May 29th to June 26th.

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