Asmodee Digital to Bring Board Games to Nintendo Switch

In an exciting bit of news, Asmodee Digital has announced their move to the Nintendo Switch! Already available for Android, PC and Mac via Steam, the classic tile-laying game, Carcassonne is slated to be their first release on the Switch and will be coming out in Winter 2018.

“Carcassonne is the first Asmodee Digital title of many to follow on Nintendo’s platforms,” says Pierre Ortolan CEO of Asmodee Digital. “This partnership is based on Nintendo’s need for new user experiences, and Asmodee Digital’s continued goal of bringing great board game IPs to new platforms.”

“Bringing Carcassonne to the Nintendo Switch platform is an opportunity to enlarge the success of this iconic game,” said Moritz Brunnhofer, Managing Director, Hans im Glück.

 Jess: I’ve always enjoyed the simple perfection of Carcassonne and see it become available on the Switch will be fantastic as that will hopefully encourage more digital board games to make the move. The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic platform for board games and I can’t wait to see what will be released for it next. You can learn more about the game at Asmodee Digital.

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