Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 6/8/18

Hi All! Friday’s is here again and that means it’s time to delve into the wild and often weird world of Kickstarter. Which campaigns stood out this week? Check out my list below to find out!


RV Rigal’s Neta-Tanka is a worker placement game with an interesting cooperative element. In the game, players are trying to earn generosity points so they can become the next leader of the tribe. You earn generosity by doing helpful things for your tribe: building the biggest totem pole, feeding your clan, constructing tents, and cooperating with the rest of the tribe.

So the interesting element here is that a lot of spaces on the board are reliant on other spaces to be activated. For example, a player can place their meeple on “Fell Timber” to gain generosity points. Their action will provide wood and mushroom resources to the “Forest” which other players can utilize to gather items they need to build their totem pole or feed their clan. Everyone needs to work together even while they are trying to out-nice each other. This kind of friendly competition really appeals to me. Check out Neta-Tanka here on Kickstarter.

A War of Whispers

Ok, so maybe cooperation isn’t your thing? Well how about some shifty dealing between members of a secret society who are betting on the outcome of a war? In A War of Whispers players are the dark rogues that influence leaders from the shadows. By helping the factions you are most loyal to gain control of the most areas on the board you can claim victory!

Everyone can influence the different factions on the board, so keeping your loyalties a secret is super important. You don’t want the other players to figure out who you are backing, lest they find ways to destroy your carefully laid plans. A War of Whispers sounds like it will be an intense game of manipulations and deduction. You can check it out here on Kickstarter.

The Board Game Book

There are plenty of guides out there to “the best … of 2018”. You’ve got books that list the newest restaurants, the best cameras, coolest people, and now we have the hottest board games.

Owen Duffy, writer for The Guardian, Tabletop Gaming Magazine, Ars Technica, VICE and IGN, has assembled a cracking team of writers to create a guide to many of the year’s best games. The book includes beautiful photos, interviews with designers, and is broken up into chapters like family games, party games, and strategy games, making it easy to navigate to the types of games you are most interested in. This book looks so slick and I think it will be a great resource and collector’s item if Duffy publishes a new guide each year. Go take a peek at The Board Game Book here on Kickstarter!



Scott Almes, designer of Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, Best Treehouse Ever, and Coaster Park, has managed to combine card drafting with a roll-and-write style game about touring the great country of Australia.

Everyone will start with a hand of cards and each turn you’ll pick one card to keep as you pass the rest to your neighbor. You’ll score whichever card you keep on your player sheet; collecting points for things like visiting certain areas and seeing cool animals. Each type of card scores differently and building sets is important to earning the most points, but you can also choose cards in order to keep them from your opponents. This is a neat mash up of genres and  a cool way to learn a little more about Australia. If you’re interested in exploring Boomerang, check it out here on Kickstarter.

The Ultimate Boardgame Backpack

Once a month Andrew and I go to a board game meet-up in Manhattan where everyone brings games to play with the group. We usually haul in several games at a time and when you are lugging full size games on the subway it can get a little dicey trying to figure out how to transport everything. Normal backpacks limit how much you can carry as they don’t really have room for more than 2 large games, but GeekOn! has designed a new pack to transport your beloved collection.


That’s it for this week, but check back next Friday for more Kickstarter project that I think are neato! Have a Kickstarter that you’re drooling over? Let me know in the comment below!

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