Asmodee Digital Partners with Sony Bring Ticket to Ride to the PS4

Asmodee Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced they will be partnering to add the classic rail-building game, Ticket to Ride, to PlayLink for PS4 later this year. Playlink is an app that connects your mobile device to your PS4, allowing you to control your games with a phone or tablet.

“Digital board games are a natural fit for Sony PlayLink, and bring the tradition of board game nights to PlayStation gamers,” Pierre Ortolan, Asmodee Digital’s CEO, said. “By casting the game to a phone screen, players can hide their hands and plan their moves without revealing everything to their opponents. PlayLink allows us re-create the traditional board game experience while keeping the benefits of playing digitally. We are honored to have partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment and look forward to sharing ‘Ticket to Ride’ with PlayStation gamers.”

Jess: I love the idea of being able to play Ticket to Ride on the big screen and this means I can play the game with friends without having Meeple eat all of my trains.

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