Spell Smashers Coming From Renegade Games This October

Renegade Game Studios has announced their next game, Spell Smashers! This hand-management word game designed by Christopher Chung (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival) and illustrated by The Mico, uses your vocabulary to battle monsters and loot treasure.

In Spell Smashers players combine letter cards to create Spells (words) that can be used to damage monsters, but beware as monsters also have their own advantages in the form of adjectives.

When you defeat monsters you gain and a new letter to add to your arsenal. On the flip side, if you take damage you’ll end up taking wounds which are  difficult letter combinations you’ll have to find a way to use. You’ll also pick up coins by fighting which will allow you to buy new equipment,  take on new quests, or visit the inn.

Spell Smashers hits the market this October for a MSRP of $45, but you can pre-order the game now at your local game store or online through the Renegade Store.



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