Oh Noes! Zombies Invade Gen Con!

Warning! The undead have been spotted lurking around the Indiana Convention Center! Gen Con attendees should exercise extreme caution as they celebrate the early release of the second edition of the survival horror adventure, Outbreak: Undead Survivor’s Guide from Hunters Entertainment and Renegade Game Studios.

This year at Gen Con 2018 there will be a convention-wide scavenger hunt in honor of the Outbreak: Undead release. To participate, players must purchase a IR badge, or Infection Status Indicators (I.S.I.), at Renegade Game Studios booth #2209 for $10. Anyone who has pre-ordered a copy of Outbreak: Undead Survivor’s Guide or buys a copy at the convention will get the I.S.I. for free.

These I.S.I. badges have a green light that indicates you are free from infection, but, unfortunately, there are zombies with red badges shambling around. If you come into contact with one of them your badge will change to yellow. Then you have 15 minutes to get to the Aid Station at the Renegade event space (Hall C) to be healed, otherwise your badge will turn red and you will be zombified!

When you receive your badge you’ll also get a map which shows you the locations of the base stations around the convention. Check the social media pages for Hunters Entertainment (Facebook, Twitter) each day to see which nine stations will be active. The scan your I.S.I. to check in to a station. If you manage to scan all the active stations for the day, your badge will change to white, indicating you are now a doctor and elligible to enter in the day’s raffle. Return to Hunters home base at the Renegade Game Studios booth #2209 to join the raffle for the grand prize – a survival kit valued at over $350!

The survival kit will include:

A copy of the Outbreak: Undead – Survivor’s Guide!
Rothco Molle Backpack
Trench Shovel
Wire Saw
Camping Rope
2 Person Shelter
Camping Lantern
Pocket Pliers/Multi-tool
Hammer/Axe Combo Tool
Compass/Binoculars Combo Tool

Jess: This is a crazy cool event and I can’t wait to join in the fun! You can learn more about Outbreak: Undead Survivor’s Guide here.

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