Indiegogo to Establish First Board Game Cafe in Nigeria

Boardgame designer and publisher, Kenechukwu Ogbuagu, is passionate about board games. He is the organizer behind the African Board-game Convention (ABCon), the first ever gaming convention in West Africa. He done a lot of great work encouraging his community to play more games and helping them to design their own. KTN News did a wonderful piece on Ogbuagu’s work in their video.

Ogbuagu has created a new Indiegogo campaign to raise money to open a board game café in Nigeria. The campaign has several different options for backing that get you your choice of games created and published in Africa. Many of these games focus on Nigerian life and society and bring a whole new perspective to the gaming community.

Backing this Indiegogo is a wonderful way to not only have the chance to play these games, but also to help foster new designers and voices in board games as well as support the spread of our beloved hobby throughout the world.

You can learn more about the games and Ogbuagu’s campaign here on Indiegogo or follow Ogbuagu on Twitter at @nibcardgames.

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