The Spiel des Jahres Winners Have Been Announced!

Spiel des Jahres (the Emmy’s of board games) were held yesterday in Berlin and the winners are here!
Game of the Year was awarded to Next Move ‘s Azul. This set collection/tile laying game is a ton of fun and has an amazing table presence with its gorgeous tiles based on real Moorish decorative tiles.

In Azul, everyone takes turns drafting colored tiles and placing them on their board. Based on how they place the tiles player will score points at the end of each round. Once one player has filled an entire row in their board, the game ends, and the player with the most points wins. Abstract and easy to learn, we greatly enjoy Azul. You can learn a (quick) bit more in our Game in a Minute on Azul in the video below.

Funkelschatz (Dragon’s Breath) earned 2018’s Children’s game of the year. In Funkelschatz, players are little dragons who want to melt a giant pillar of ice that hides treasure within it. The game uses a neat mechanic where games are stored within a tower of clear rings. When a ring is removed, the gems fall and the players can collect gems in their chosen color. Funkelschatz is adorable and perfect for younger kids.

The connoisseur/expert game of the year went to Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg, a game where players take on the roles of charlatans who are brewing up potions. The game includes a press your luck elements as the ingredients you use come from a blind draw and if you draw too many of certain types you can spoil your potion.

All three of these games sound like a blast. Here’s a big congratulations to all three! You can learn more about the games and the awards at

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