Geek & Sundry and Alpha Reveal 2 New Shows from Gen Con 2018

At this year’s Gen Con, during their live panel, Geek & Sundry announced their upcoming roleplaying shows, Callisto 6 andĀ  We’re Alive: Frontier, to air on Alpha, Legendary Entertainment’s subscription channel.

Callisto 6 is set in Los Angeles 40 years after a catastrophic earthquake has devastated the city. Corporations have banded together to rebuild; calling the new futuristic city Callisto 6. In this new game, our cast of heroes will include Eric Campbell, Hector Navarro, Aliza Pearl, Bonnie Gordon, Sam de Leve, Amy Dallen, and Gina DeVivo.

Based on the award-winning podcast of the same name, We’re Alive: Frontier is a post-apocalyptic adventure run by Ivan Van Norman. The players, Mythica actress Melanie Stone, Twitch streamer and cosplayer Alcuin Gersh, Xander Jeanneret of Sagas of Sundry: Madness, Overwatch voice actress Anjali Bhimani, and Vince Caso of The Guild, will journey across the zombie-infested American Midwest.

“We make it a priority to create projects that stand out in the marketplace and with Callisto 6’s efforts in diversity and We’re Alive: Frontier’s exceptional knack for storytelling, we not only achieve this goal, we set a new standard for the industry,” says Johnny Wickham, VP of Development, Legendary Digital Networks. Jason Corey, VP of Production and Programming, Legendary Digital Networks adds, “Both Callisto 6 and We’re Alive: Frontier season two have revolutionary RPG elements, unrivaled by anyone else in the business, and it’s something we’re quite proud of.”

Ivan Van Norman says, “There is something about being the mastermind behind the madness that is We’re Alive: Frontier that fulfills my craving for adventure and surprises unlike anything I’ve done before. After season one, I wasn’t sure we could top the plot twists and creativity we pulled off, but we’ve achieved something even grander than I couldĀ¹ve ever imagined.”

Callisto 6 is a twelve-episode series premiering on Alpha on August 17, 2018. We’re Alive: Frontier season two begins streaming in October on Alpha.

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