Frank Herbert’s DUNE is Coming to Tabletop!

Things are about to get spicy! Gale Force Nine (GF9) has just picked up a multi-year licensing agreement from Legendary Entertainment and Herbert Properties LLC to work on the sci-fi franchise DUNE.

“Gale Force Nine has consistently demonstrated a skill and passion for building successful tabletop game series alongside category leading partners and we are thrilled to announce this exciting addition to the Dune licensing program ,” said Jamie Kampel, Vice President of Licensing & Partnerships for Legendary. “Legendary looks forward to a fun and meaningful contribution to this revered legacy property.”

Gale Force Nine will be producing original tabletop games that include content from both the written publications and the drawing from the full scope of the Dune franchise—spanning the many tie-ins with Legendary’s upcoming film from director Denis Villeneuve.

“This is only the beginning of our big plans in tabletop for this captivating franchise,” says John-Paul Brisigotti, CEO of Gale Force Nine. “Dune is a rich and wonderful universe, and we expect to produce an equally expansive and inspired line of games for years to come.”

You can expect to see the board and miniatures games hit shelves in 2020 alongside Legendary’s theatrical release of DUNE.

Image Credits: DUNE, tumblr

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