Digital Deckbuilder Slay the Spire is heading to Nintendo Switch

Mega Crit and Humble Bundle have announced that Slay the Spire will be available on the Nintendo Switch in early 2019!

Slay the Spire combines the rouge-like play and card-based deck-building to create procedurally generated levels for you to explore. Use your deck to explore the spire with its strange creatures and powerful relics. The game includes three maine characters with their own card sets, over 50 encounters, 200+ cards to collect, and over 100 items to discover.

According to Mega Crit “Slay the Spire has already sold over 1 million units on PC, and we cannot wait to bring the card/roguelike title to Switch! The Switch version will feature all content from the PC version including currently unreleased content. Fans will have the option to play with a controller or touch controls, enjoying new accessibility and portability options thanks to the Switch’s unique hardware.”

You can learn more about Slay the Spire at:

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