Breaking Games’ Fake News, Game of Phones, and Sparkle*Kitty Now Available at Walmart

With target’s success in selling board games, other major stores are starting to follow the trend. Now you can buy Fake News, Game of Phones, and Sparkle*Kitty in Walmart!

“Our goal has always been to provide the most unique, entertaining, relevant, and fun tabletop games to people all around America, and we are definitely achieving that goal with our most popular games now in Walmart and on,” said Shari Spiro, Breaking Games CEO. “All these games have the ‘it’ factor – Fake News couldn’t be more relevant, Game of Phones incorporates your omni-present phone, and Sparkle*Kitty drives home the message of finding strength in our differences. “

“Our games provide fun for everyone. What better way to deliver these games than with the support of Walmart? It’s incredible … we’re giving the other big household board game companies some serious competition!” concluded Ms. Spiro.

To learn more visit the Breaking Games Website:

Can’t make it to Walmart? You can also pick up these games on Amazon!
[amazon_link asins=’B07661DWQQ,B01MPYI60H,B077BS1KYT’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’gameosity-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’63664c87-a6da-11e8-b997-2176057e2918′]

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