Kitty Paw: Valentine’s Day Edition Pounces Your Partner With Affection

Jess: This time of year I expect to see Halloween stuff starting to pop up in stores, maybe some Thanksgiving items, and you never know, Christmas might sneak in while you’re not looking, but I never expected to see anything come out right now for Valentine’s Day. Yes, that’s right, Renegade Game Studios™ has announced a Valentine’s Day edition of the overwhelmingly adorable game Kitty Paw!

Kitty Paw is a fast playing dexterity game where players race to complete patterns of kitty combinations shown to score victory points. The player with the most VP in the end wins.

The Valentine’s edition has a new, extra cuteified box and a space to write your special someone a little message. If you have a gaming partner who is gaga for kawaii, then this will make a purrfect gift.

Kitty Paw Valentine’s Edition will hit shelves beginning January 2019, but you can pre-order it now from your Friendly Local Game Store or on the Renegade Store.

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