Can You Survive Pathfinders Affair at Sombrefell Hall?

A brand new playtest drops today! You can try out Pathfinder’s  “Affair at Sombrefell Hall” the third of seven scenarios in the Doomsday Dawn adventure.

Written by Paizo Developer Amanda Hamon Kunz, the harrowing runs four 7th level characters through a challenging adventure.

Jason Bulmahn, Director of Game Design at Paizo, introduced the new scenario saying, “A group of agents of the Palantine Eye are sent to secure the aid of an occult scholar who is on sabbatical at his family estate, which just happens to be in haunted Ustalav.”

Affair at Sombrefell Hall is available on real and virtual tabletops through September 23 as part of the worldwide, free playtest of the Pathfinder Second Edition. You can download your copy today as a free PDF bundle and add your thoughts with the surveys which unlock as each new part begins. They will remain open throughout the playtest period. The PDFs and surveys are all available at

The Paizo Twitch channel ( hosts live play every Thursday from 2-5 PM Pacific and discussions with the design team every Friday at 4 PM Pacific.

You can learn more about the surveys and resulting game changes on Paizo’s blogs and sign up for email updates on

Pathfinder Playtest Schedule:

Affair at Sombrefell Hall, September 10 – September 23

The Mirrored Moon, September 24 – October 8

The Heroes of Undarin, October 9 – October 21

Red Flags, October 22 – November 4

When the Stars Go Dark, November 5 – November 18

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