Playford Releases Abstract Strategy Game Collection With The Ancient World Multi Game System

To  coincide with the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL (International Game Fair) in Essen, Germany, Playford Games has released the Ancient World Multi Game System.

The set comes with everything you need to play 25 different abstract strategy games that are inspired by different civilizations or events in the Ancient World. You can find games that deal with the wars in Ancient Egypt and Rome to the Silk Roads of China and the court intrigue of Byzantium.

 “This project was born out of my love for intricate strategy games and my passion for bringing people together,” said David Stennett, President and founder of Playford Games.

The Ancient World Multi Game System comes with a 40-page rulebook that includes stories that illustrate the backgrounds of the games and symbols indicating the level of difficulty, social skills required, and degree of competition or cooperation.

“The design and variety of the tiles can be used for trying out new games. Players can design and playtest a game using these beautiful tiles in no time,” added Stennett. One enthusiastic player on BoardGameGeek concurs, “What’s awesome is you can play them however you like, many games have alternative play methods… And (because) you use the same tiles for many games, it’s easy to think up new games you like to try!”

The Ancient World Multi Game System is available to both demo and buy at booth 5H115 at the SPIEL in Essen October 25-27, or to preorder now at

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