Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 10/26/18

Friday rolls in awash with Kickstarters and I have sailed ahead to see what treasures the depths have to offer. What caught my eye this week? Take a gander at the list below to find out!

Skulk Hollow

So here we have a game where heroic foxes take out towering behemoths that threaten the landI AM ALL IN. Yes the theme is my kryptonite I’ll admit, but the play style sounds pretty cool too. Skulk Hollow is an asymmetrical game for two players where one controls a group of noble foxes and the other controls one of three hulking monsters. In something akin to the video game, Shadow of the Colossus, the foxes must actually scale the monster in order to defeat it piece by piece.

Keith Matejka (Roll Player, Herbaceous, & Sunset Over Water) and Eduardo Baraf (Legendary Creatures, Sunset Over waterHerbaceous, etc…)  are rock solid designers and i love the characterization in the art by Dustin Foust. Skulk Hollow looks awesome and we actually just got a copy of it, so stay tuned as we preview it soon. Check out Skulk Hollow on Kickstarter here!

Trailhead: The Wilderness Survival Game

We reviewed Trailhead a while back when it was only available from the publisher. Now 2 Moles Games is Kickstarting a second edition to make it more widely available. So what’s great about Trailhead? Well it’s a fun little survival game about hiking that comes in a durable and portable tin that makes it easy to bring on any camping adventure.

In the game everyone will try to advance along the trail as fast as they can while managing their precious supply of water. Since it’s a race to the end, your fellow hikers can play cards that alter the trail which might leave you under prepared for the next leg of the journey. This game is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the hiking. Learn more in our review here and check out Trailhead: The Wilderness Survival Game here on Kickstarter.

Bugman Battle: An edible party game

If this Kickstarter is any evidence, those great bullies of old were perhaps visionaries. Bugman Battle is a game where you make your friends eat bugs. Jokes aside, lots of people eat bugs and they can be (I am told) quite tasty. In this party game players will have piles of bugs that represent health points and must compete in challenges. If you lose a challenge you east a bug. Once only one team has bugs left the game ends and that group is named the winners.

Bug-munching might not be your cup of tea, but I have to hand it to Raymond Sze for coming up with a fresh take on the food and board game smash-up and the art design is really nice. My one concern is what you do once you run out of freshly packed bugs, but I guess you can always substitute with gummy worms or maybe real worms. I don’t know. Its up to you. Visit the Bugman Battle Kickstarter here, if you dare!

Tidal Blades – Heroes of the Reef

Right off the bat, I just want to applaud Druid City Games for putting together a really nice video for the Kickstarter. The art of this game is gorgeous and the video does an awesome job to bring it to life. On to the game itself now! Tidal Blades is a worker placement game where players are competing in a grand tournament.

Your character will need to visit different islands, collect resources, and attempt challenges to upgrade your stats and dice. As you grow in power you can fight monsters and earn your place on the leader-board. If  you manage to end the game at the top of the leader-board you win! Everything about this game looks highly polished and beautiful. Head on over to the Tidal Blades Kickstarter here to gaze at it longingly like I am.

Wild Assent – Survive the Arena and Tame the Wilds

Wild Assent is pretty neat in that it has two modes of play and the first immediately had me thinking of the Monster hunter franchise. In the 1st mode (the Hunt), you will form a party of hunters, set up camp, and hunt down dangerous monsters. The game comes with different scenarios to play our, but you can also customize your game with differing win conditions and challenges. I like that the Hunt has a kind of building more where you add useful locations to your camp and hire workers while will help you in your expedition.

In the second mode (Arena) 2-4 players will face off in PVP to see who has the tactics to best their opponents. Either way you decide to play, the game is packed full of highly detailed minis, a bunch of lore, and offers up a customizable experience. Check out Wild Assent on Kickstarter here!

Know an awesome Kickstarter I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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