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Wizards of the Coast Is looking for Game Designers


Do you want to help inspire the next generation of novelists, comic book artists, game designers, actors, and directors? Would you like to draw upon 40 years of D&D mythology to create the next generation of great D&D games and RPG supplements? Would you like to help cultivate a positive, inclusive community of gamers and creators? If those challenges sound interesting, we would like you to consider joining the Dungeons & Dragons team as our new Game Designer.

This position creates D&D products, such as a book updating a setting to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It is responsible for leading one product at a time, while providing feedback on other products in production. The person in this role is responsible for the final product, and must oversee and coordinate the work of designers, writers, and editors to combine individual contributions into a cohesive whole. This position is also responsible for ensuring that the product is consistent with D&D game mechanics and that new game material is properly play-tested.

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Privateer Press is looking for a Resin Caster

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The resin caster is a full-time entry-level position. The primary duties are to assist the production casting team. These duties include but are not limited to:
• Demolding cast parts
• Conducting QC checks on demolded parts
• Solving problems with casting
• Adjusting machine settings for optimal performance
• Preserve mold life through careful demolding
• Achieve daily quota for parts produced
• Assisting with special projects as required on an as needed basis
• Other duties as necessary

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NEXT Level Web looking for in-house WordPress Website Developer (Sometimes helping design game websites & market board games)

This is a full-time position for our in-house office in North San Diego County.

Overview: The purpose of this position is to lead the development of multiple small business WordPress websites and to assist in our other marketing services as needed. An understanding of WordPress Codex/HTML5/CSS3/PHP, a proactive attitude, a love for website work, and fine attention to detail are the keys to a successful performance in this role.

Prerequisites: Experience in designing WordPress websites, and experience in development of WordPress sites with or without themes. A good portfolio of past work is a huge plus.

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HeroForge Minis Looking for Front End Developer

“Hero Forge is hiring! Are you a skilled front-end dev with excellent CSS, Javascript, and UX design? Join our adventuring party of friends working to make exciting new collaborative-storytelling tools!Full-time or freelance, remote or in-person (Santa Monica, CA). Email [email protected]

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