Haunted Dice & Possessed Cards – Our 2nd Halloween Special

It’s Halloween and if you’re looking to entertain with some creepy, horrific, or maybe just monstrous games we have you covered! Here are some of the spooktacular games we enjoy on this hallowed eve.

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

Mansions of Madness 2nd edition has vastly improved upon the original that we reviewed in our first Halloween special. We were always bothered by the imbalance of roles in the first edition and the fact that one player was always forced to be the game master (a role of varying enjoyability depending on how sadistic you are).

Mansions of Madness 2nd edition fixes a lot of these problems as it uses an app to run the game. The app controls the monsters, encounters, and map which changes the whole experience. Where before you would see the entire map laid out in front of you ruining the mystery of lay behind each dooryway, now tiles are added to the game as you play. To open a door, you just click a spot on the app and it will reveal which tile should be added to the table. This increases the dread-factor substantially!

The game itself is quite challenging and more often than not your investigators will be devoured by madness inducing beasts and torn apart by angry mobs of fishmen, but that’s part of what makes it nerve wracking and a perfect game for a spooky night of fun!

The Bloody Inn

If you like your horror in the form of serial killers and blood-drenched hotels then The Bloody Inn is a perfect addition to your collection. The game is all bout killing off rich patrons to your inn and trying to hide the bodies so you don’t get caught by the police. Rob reviewed it few years ago for Game in a Minute, but here’s my take:

It’s a nice hand-management game that’s delightfully twisted in theme. Whenever you kill off a patron of you inn you must bury them to reap the monetary gains, but you don’t necessarily need to bury the bodies in your own backyard. You can bury your cards in any players tableau; essentially pointing law enforcement at your enemies. All things considered, the game gets quite cutthroat (Mwahahahahahaha).

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31

Infection at Outpost 31 is based on John Carpenter‘s terrifying film, The Thing. The game perfectly encapsulates the growing dread and paranoia that surrounds the film as players are pitted against each other in a situation where any number of them could be a hidden traitor. Throughout the game players might become one of the hideous monstrosities without anyone realizing it. If you can manage to get to the helicopter and escape without one of the Things managing to sneak onboard as well, the humans win. If not, well it was nice knowing you all.

Haunt the House

Haunt the House has a perfect theme for a spooky game – you’re a bunch of ghosts trying to scare the heck out of some poor fools who have wandered into your house, competing with each other for who can be the best haunt! The illustrations are fantastic, family-friendly fare and the gameplay features set collection, bluffing, memory, and even a bit of push your luck.

But don’t let that pile of mechanics scare you off! Haunt the House is quite playable and fun, and (not to spoil our full review coming out later this week) it’s a fantastic addition to any family game night, fright-themed or not!


Solitude and isolation are frequent subjects of the horror genre, but rarely explored in games, where there are at the very least your fellow players to share the experience with. Not so in Desolate, a solitaire survival game by Grey Gnome. In Desolate, you will explore an abandoned space station as the sole survivor of an ill-fated rescue attempt. But you’ll soon realize that while you’re the only human, you’re most assuredly not alone, and your oxygen supply is swiftly dwindling…

By using a deck of cards to represent the lonely corridors of the station, you will creep from room to room, hoping to scavenge supplies and seeking the energy cells needed to power up an escape shuttle. The eerie atmosphere is punctuated by desperate battles against aliens, and managing your ever-dwindling health, oxygen, and ammo supplies keeps you feeling always on edge. Desolate manages to bring some real tension to the solitaire experience, and its portability means you can have the horror at your fingertips anytime.

These are just a few suggestions for creepy, scary, ghoul filled games. Which horror games will you be playing tonight? Let us know in the comments below!

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