Pandasaurus Announces the Supernatural Shindig: Dead Man’s Cabal

Necromancers are the life of the party, especially when all the other guests are undead!

Pandasaurus has announced their next title from Daniel Newman and Jonathan Gilmour, called Dead Man’s Cabal. The game is a mid-weight strategy game where 2-4 players will compete to raise undead guests for their party. You’ll use a unique action selection mechanism that allows players to choose a private action and a group action; making sure they’ll need to balance their decisions wisely. As you play, you collect bodies, crystal skulls (no relation to that terrible film), and runes which will help you summon the dead.

Pandasaurus says, “This is one of our favorite games that we have ever published. We (Molly and Pandad) met Daniel for the first time at Origins 2016 and after a couple of two player games, signed it (nearly) on the spot. It’s been in development ever since, and is one of the best strategy game we’ve published (including Dinosaur Island). The game has been through multiple blind playtests and we’ve got data from 100s of testers over thousands of sessions and years of work by Daniel, Jon and our amazing artists.”

Jess: I abosultely love this theme and can’t wait to see how it plays! You can check out Dead Man’s Cabal when it hits stores in June 2019 for a MSRP of $49.95.

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