New The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game Mission on Steam

Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Interactive have a new series of new missions, known as Encounters, for The Lord of the Rings™: Living Card Game™ on SteamTM for PC and Mac and the first encounter is available now!

This opening encounter, called The King Of Carrion, is a challenging quest where the heroes will travel to Andúin and beyond. It includes new enemies like the Moonlight Wights to pit yourself against and is available for free for all players.

For more information on The King of Carrion, visit the game’s news page on Steam here:

Alongside this release, the publishers announced they are moving away from free-to-play model to a full premium once the game goes into full release.

Fantasy Flight Interactive’s Timothy Gerritsen had this to say about the decision, “We received a lot of constructive feedback from our communities and decided to make a change to improve the game for the community as a whole. In addition, we will continue to roll out plenty of content in the future.”

The full game will come with a suite of cards, in-game currency, and custom cosmetic items that will start adventurers off on their quest through Middle-earth.


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