Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 11/30/18

It’s Friday and I’m busy checking out PAX Unplugged, but I’m never too busy to take a look at a few Kickstarters (too full of Turkey is a valid excuse, but that was last week). Let’s get this list started!

When I think about Lay Waste Games the first thing that comes to mind is really nice components and amazing table presence. This time around they have collaborated with Jordan Draper, creator of the Tokyo series, on a game called METAL. Jordan’s specialty is in tiny games. I mean sure tiny components and METAL does not disappoint. With their powers combined Jordan and Lay Waste Games have created the tiniest, most badass-looking lawn games ever.

38 solid metal pieces come in a box that is so metal you’ll want to toss up the horns and start head-banging. You can play 3 classic lawn games Bocce, Kubb, and Croquet and 3 all new lawn games Not pool, Bangers!, and Team Meeting. I adore tiny thing sand this is just the keenest of beans. Hop on over to the METAL campaign on Kickstarter and check it out.

Racing is about going fast and taking risks. In  Rallyman: GT you’ll be pushing your luck as you try to roll your way across the finish line without spinning out. This is a re-envisioning of the original  Rallyman game which  uses a modular board that lets you change up the track each time you play.

The game is simple; using a roll-and-move mechanic where  1 die = 1 space of movement. You can roll more than 1 die, but each die has a warning side. If you roll too many warnings on your turn you spin out and can potentially damage your car. It’s a precarious balance between trying to make as much progress as possible while staying on the road. Rev your engines and check out Rallyman: GT on Kickstarter here.

Nemo’s War: Bold and Caring & Dramatis Personae Expansions

Nemo’s War is one of Andrew’s favorite solo games (You can read all about his love of the base game here). This Kickstarter presents us with 2 new expansions: Bold and Caring & Dramatis Personae.

Bold and Caring, gives you two new motives for Captain Nemo, Adventure and Humanist, which have you searching the ocean with the new Diving Apparatus card or using the Hospital Machines Upgrade card to try your hand at diplomacy and help people all over the world.

With Dramatis Personae you get ten additional cards: nine new Adventure cards and one Finale card. This card pack focuses on your crew and gives you snippets of information about them.

If you’ve played Nemo’s War before, these expansions will add new life to the game and if you haven’t then you can always back at the $75 level to get the base game plus the expansions. Learn more about Nemo’s War: Bold and Caring & Dramatis Personae on Kickstarter here.

COG: Shifting Gears

Ok. Yes, this is another expansion, but this COGpromo pack is worth taking a look. Dr. Finn is the master of light games, but COG, as Josh so perfectly explains in my preview of the game here, “feels meatier, more substantial than his usual amuse bouche offerings. C.O.G. has got some serious bite!” It’s a worker-placement spelling game that is surprisingly deep and strategic.

Shifting Gears transforms COG into a portable game. Instead of a board, you use cards to race to complete words. With a more compact game comes a more compact playtime, but I have confidence in Dr. Finn’s designs and I’m betting this pack has all the flavor of COG boiled down into a delicious bite sized game. Hmm… I think I’m hungry. I’ve used a lot of food metaphors here.

Anyhoot. This looks like an awesome version of the game and you can also pick up some of Dr. Finns other titles during this campaign. Head on over to the COG: Shifting Gears Kickstarter to grab a copy.

Grind House

The set up is classic. A n assorted group of individuals have been invited to a spooky mansion. Manage to survive exploring the house with the least amount of injuries and achieve your personal goal  and you win! Unfortunately that is easier said than done.

Grind House embraces the gory aspect of horror movie with many of its rooms containing threats that could tear off one of your limbs or perhaps even kill you outright. The cool thing is, you’re still in the game if you die. You just become a ghost that haunts the other players. Ghosts have their own goals and can win the game if they achieve them. This looks like a fun game for any horror fan who likes a bit of gruesome fun. Investigate Grind House on Kickstarter here.

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