Holiday Gift Guide: Big Group Games

The holidays are absolutely the perfect time to break out and share games for big groups – after all, that pile of family members aren’t going to entertain themselves!  And big group games, by which we mean games that easily play 6+ (and do particularly well at larger numbers) are the perfect gifts for folks who like to host game nights – or who might be tempted into doing so in the future

So here are just a few suggestions from Team Gameosity about our favorite games well-suited to big groups!


Player Count: 3-8 (Team-based)
Gameplay Style: Deduction, Bluffing
Published by: IELLO

Josh: Decrypto has the same sort of clever ‘clues and wordplay’ core of another fantastic game – Codenames – but it’s decidedly got its own flavor.  Teams of players will be working to communicate coded messages while avoiding having theirs intercepted by the opposing team.  Full of giggly tension and plenty of chances to be clever (or silly), this one’s sure to get the whole family engaged!

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Between Two Cities

Player Count: 1-7
Gameplay Style: Drafting, Cooperative 
Published by: Stonemaier Games

Andrew: Between Two Cities is a pretty amazing game.  Every interaction you have in this tile-drafting, city-building game is entirely cooperative as you work with two partners to build the best city you can.  But it’s still a competitive game, and in the end, only one person will win.  It’s a truly unique creature, and one that I love introducing people to – there’s always a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get it, games are quick and highly interactive.

Far and away my favorite game for entertaining big groups.  And while I haven’t gotten to check it out yet, I’m seeing some really great buzz around Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, the genre mashup we never knew we needed!

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New York Slice

Player Count: 2-6
Gameplay Style: Drafting, ‘I cut, you choose’
Published by: Bezier Games

Andrew: So this one gets a big plus for style points, but it’s still a solid game.  The premise of New York Slice is simple – players will draft pizza slices and at the end of the game they will score points based on the majorities of types of slice they have eaten.  However, the simple ‘I cut, you choose’ mechanics means that the lead player of every round has to think about how to divide the pizza (everyone else gets to pick their slices first), and bonus tiles can introduce neat twists to the mix.  And it looks delicious on the table!

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Exit Series

Player Count: 1-6 (or as many people as want to sit around the table)
Gameplay Style: Cooperative, Puzzle Solving
Published by: KOSMOS

Jess: Kosmos has released several titles in the Exit Series now and so far all of the ones I’ve played have been fantastic!  These escape games range from easy to mind-bending and contain puzzles which will challenge your wits and leave you feeling excited as you crack each code and discover clues to help you escape. Some have decried the ‘disposable’ nature of them (each game can only be played once), but for the price of a single movie ticket, an entire group can enjoy around an hours worth of puzzle-packed fun!

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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Player Count: 4-12
Gameplay Style: Deduction, Bluffing
Published by: Grey Fox Games

Andrew: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is basically my favorite social deduction game.  With one player acting as the forensic scientist, wordlessly providing clues to the group of investigators as to which of them is the secret killer, Deception manages to create a social deduction experience that gives players so much more substance to discuss and argue over than most other games in the genre.  Bluff, guess, and deduce your way to victory in this absolutely excellent game.

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Nut So Fast

Player Count: 3-6
Gameplay Style: Dexterity, Matching
Published by: Smirk & Dagger

Andrew: We’d be completely remiss if we didn’t mention one of our favorite new dexterity/party games from Smirk & Dagger.  Nut So Fast is a simple, hilariously fun game of quick wits and quicker hands.  This one’s a great part of any game night party pack!

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So those are just a few suggestions for games you might want to gift someone with a big group of gamers to entertain, or that you might want to show up with to your next family holiday dinner!

Did we miss some of your favorites?  Let us know in the comments below!



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