Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories, Apparel, and Assorted Gifts

Sometimes you want to buy something for a board game afficinado, but you don’t want to just buy another game for them. There are plenty of different places that offer board game themed art, clothing, furniture and more and we’ve covered a bunch over the years. Here you can find our game related gift ideas for this year!

Folded Space Inserts & Organizers


Andrew: We love a good box insert around here, and though the folks at Broken Token and Meeple Realty consistently set the standard, we’ve recently discovered Folded Space Inserts and we absolutely love them!

Instead of wood, these inserts are made of sturdy but light evacore boards.  They can be built in minutes with just a little glue and do a genuinely good job of keeping things tight and organized, and are a bit more forgiving when it comes to assembly.  We can’t recommend Folded Space enough!

M3is3D Game Organizers

Diana: There is a cool 3D printer on Etsy, M3is2D, that is making unique pieces, inserts and holders for popular games.  Some of them are full storage solutions, while others are about table organization.  3D printing means that the prices are relatively low for these fully custom components, so they’re totally worth checking out!



Rob: For the board gamer who is super into Settlers of Catan, Thinking Monk is making heirloom (their word, not mine) game boards.


Gamer Glass

Josh: Want something truly unique for your giftee? How about hand-made glass components and other board game themed glass objects. Jenefer Ham is a glass artist who really enjoys board games and has designed a whole line of gaming glass. From jewelry to components, Jenefer’s work is quirky and guaranteed to surprise and delight whoever you gift them to. Just don’t let your giftee shake the box before opening!


Itai Rosenbaum Art

Jess: Itai does really nice minimalist art that could be the compliment for anyone’s game room. There are posters, canvas prints, and coasters based off great games like Photosynthesis, Ghost Stories, and more!

Gameosity Store

We’ve got some new designs in our store for the holidays! If you’re looking for a new t-shirt or maybe a nice mug check out our branded gear! It gets you some cool stuff to give your friends and helps us keep this site going. Visit:

Those are just a few ideas for assorted apparel and accessories for your favorite gamer!  Have any suggestions we missed?  Let us know in the comments below!

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