Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 12/14/18

It’s Friday! The funnest day of the week! …hmm…Funnest isn’t a word… ah well. No worries! Let’s get this Kickstarter list started!


Dized is an app that looks to help players learn games faster and easier. Instead of just being a repository of digital rulebooks, Dized provides voiced tutorials that can walk you through setup, get you quick answers to rules questions, and help you better understand a multitude of games.

The app already has over 15 games in it’s library including Iceool, Blood Rage, and Kingdomino. Dized has a clean looking UI and the tutorials are really easy to follow. Learn more about Dized on it’s Kickstarter page here.

Tainted Grail is killing it on Kickstarter and I’m betting it has a lot to do with the creator (a famous polish fantasy author), the gorgeous art, and the beautiful minis. Based on Arthurian legends, this dark fantasy game challenges players to survive starvation, plagues, natural disasters, and other terrible events.

I am really impressed with the detail work on these minis. Some mini painter out there is going to have a field day with these. The story also looks really exciting and I like that you get to make choices that affect the story. Check out Tainted Grail on Kickstarter here for more info.

Situations looks like it’s less of a game than a fun activity or useful tool, but if you like writing or need a little inspiration during roleplaying then it might be a good Kickstarter to check out. The basic idea is that you have a deck of cards which have nouns, adjectives, and effects which players will take turns adding to the board. What’s neat is that these cards have relationship links on them that will connect the random words together to form elements of a story.

In the game mode, once everyone has placed cards and come up with a prompt, players will write up a short story and submit is anonymously The stories will be shuffled and read aloud and then voted on. Whosever story gets the most votes wins. Now I doubt most of my pals would be comfortable writing stories as part of a gamenight, but if you take this as a tool to be used in a writing class or as a way to invent a quirky roleplaying situation, then I think Situations can be quite useful. Judge for yourself by checking out Situations on Kickstater here! 

Oh, city-building games, how I love you. Ragusa is a pretty worker-placement game where you are building the 15th century city of…, you guessed, Ragusa! As you place buildings around the board you’ll gain control of resources and have access to markets. The exciting bit is that you get to place 3 buildings at once; making your sections of the city grow super fast.

This game looks really strategic as where you build and who you build near will change what you have access to turn to turn. Build your knowledge of Ragusa by visiting the campaign here.

Fliptales is a new non-binary roleplaying system whose charming art and light system have enchanted me. During the game, one person will be “The Wiz” or essentially the game master. They will read a prompt that the other players will react to as their characters. Actions are resolved by flipping coins and those coins also represent your health. So as you lose hit points actions become harder to take.

Super simple and lightning quick to set-up and start playing, Fliptales looks like an original and fun way to introduce new players to roleplaying or to get in a game when you’d rather not get bogged down with rules. You can check out a free sample of Fliptales on the website by signing up for their newsletter and learn more by visiting the Fliptales Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters have you jumping up and down with excitement? Let me know in the comments below!





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