Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Roleplayer

There’s nothing like playing a good old game of D&D by the fire as snow piles up outside. Use the holidays as a way to thank your game master or treat your favorite dragon-slayer! Here are a few of our favorite  present picks for roleplayers.

Hex Chest Dice Box

Jess: These are the perfect stocking stuffer for any roleplayer. I just bought myself one of the mini chests and Andrew picked up a full sized one. They have magnetic enclosures, a variety of cover designs and you can opt for a an open design (just an empty box) or hex spaces that keep your dice from rolling around inside. They’re really nice quality and fit almost any dice set. You can them at:

Art & Arcana

Jess: This is a gorgeous illustrated guide to Dungeons and Dragons. it contains art prints, ephemera, and history behind the game. We got a copy not too long ago and it is power-packed with D&D goodness. If you’ve got a roleplayer you want to give an extra-special treat, pick up a copy of Art & Arcana. You can order at book stores such as Barnes & Noble, or online at retailers like Amazon.

Definitely Not A Mimic Metal Mug

Andrew: Did that mug just move? No, it’s definitely not a mimic…right? This gift will keep gamers guessing as they double-check once and a while to make absolutely sure. OsseUK sells great roleplaying themed mugs on Etsy along with other tabletop gaming accessories and gifts. Check them out at:

 Adventure Case

Jess – Dog Might Games creates high-quality wooden accessories for gaming and their Adventure Case has always impressed me. The solid hardwood box folds out to become a dice tray, screen, and storage area and can come with a variety of carvings including dragons, Thor’s hammer, or Cthulhu. This is a perfect gift for the GM on the go. Buy at:

Hex Kit

Joe – Cone of Negative Energy produced this easy-to-use but incredibly robust fantasy-cartography tool. This year it won the Gold ENnie for Best Aid/Accessory for RPGs and you’ll quickly understand why if you give it a spin. The base kit comes with tilesets and tools for making black and white maps, but there are additional packs for purchase that expand into color fantasy maps, post-apocalyptic maps, and space maps. Pick up a copy at or DriveThruRPG

There are plenty of other awesome trinkets and treasures to award your roleplayers with. What are roleplaying gifts are you handing out this year?  Let us know in the comments below!

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