Greater Than Games Foretells Medium

Medium is a psychic party game from Danielle Deley and Nathan Thornton, and Lindsey Sherwood.

In the game, players become teams of psychics who must try to read each other’s minds. Each team of two will play a card on the table. The cards have random words on them like Tropical, Bigfoot, and Banjo. Players must try to come up with an association they think their partner will make between the two words.


Once everyone has sent their psychic transmissions (via intense staring at your partner) teams will shout out simultaneously the word thy think links their cards. If they both say the same thing they win. If not they have 2 more chances to broadcast thoughts to each other in the hopes to mind-meld their way to victory.

Medium will go to retail in the second half of 2019. Look for demos of Medium at conventions in the Greater Than Games booth throughout 2019.

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