Bézier Games Announces Suburbia Collector’s Edition

Bezier Games has announced they will be Kickstarting a Suburbia Collector’s
Edition on January 14th!

Suburbia is a game where players try to build profitable sections of a city; creating residential, commercial, civic, and industrial areas that provide bonuses depending on where they are placed.

The collector’s edition will include tons of new stuff including new artwork by Brett Stebbins, oversized tiles, new player colors, city-specific borough boards, Game Trayz organizers, a tile-tower, recessed borough boards, a redesigned population board, unique landmarks, and all existing expansions.

There will also be a new expansion called Nightlife, which focuses on kinds of buildings that see more action after the sun goes down.

If you are a fan of Suburbia, then there’s a lot to look forward to in this exciting new edition. Check out Suburbia Collector’s Edition on Kickstarter January 14th.

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