USAopoly and Games Workshop to Publish Licensed Versions of Talisman

USAopoly and Games Workshop have partnered up to announce they will be developing licensed versions of the classic adventure board game, Talisman.

For over 35 years Talisman fans have enjoyed the fantasy adventure game where warriors, rogues and magicians embark on a dangerous mission to claim the Crown of Command, which gives you the power to rule over the land. Over the years, there have been many versions of the game, including Nomad Games’ 2012 digital version of Talisman, and the brand has sold over one million units to date.

“Talisman is one of the most respected table top games of all time and served as a gateway into gaming for many people,” Candace Brenner, VP of Marketing for USAopoly. “Working with some of the most cherished licenses in the world to add our own heroic twists to the game, these upcoming thematic versions will let an entire new audience experience the grand adventure that is Talisman!”

Fan can expect to see the Licensed versions of Talisman hitting stores later this year.

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